Tooth Fairy Time

The Tooth Fairy has been extra super busy these days. Not leaving money/gifts for lost teeth, but trying to complete this…..

I found this really cute idea on Pinterest, of course.

Jaimee Rose has an easy DIY to follow as well as She’s Making Cards. You can pretty much find everything at Hobby Lobby. I did, however, just today (see I’m slacking), buy the door knocker at Miniatures. Although, I totally forgot the mail slot so I will buy that as well.

Today I decided to tackle this door finally and buy the parts I still needed, until I realized that I put the numbers on the wrong side of the door. I kind of freaked for a minute thinking I’d have to buy another door, but I can just use the left over numbers. I just have to paint the other side first and add the extra trim to the other side.

Here is the idea behind the Tooth Fairy door…..basically this is where the fairy enters and leaves money/gifts. The box next to the door, here is my plan with that… In hopes that this little box lasts over the years, this will be the box where all of her baby teeth are kept.

In all honesty, I kind of think it’s a bit weird/gross to keep all the teeth, but when I look back on those I have of Jeremiah’s, it’s kind of sentimental in a weird way. Ha!

I’m giving myself a week to finish this little project and start this cute, fun tradition with Avery.

I say the Tooth Fairy has been busy because, well Avery has had her teeth out since mid February! Oops! :) And I’ve kind of put this door thing on the back burner. So, I think I will use the idea of mailing Avery the door; Like she got a special gift from the Tooth Fairy. Possibly write a little letter telling Avery to put the door in a special place so she can visit her that night.

Here are a few things I, ahem…the Tooth Fairy will be doing as well….

Fairy Dust!! Gotta leave a little at the front of the door! Every Fairy has to have Fairy Dust! :) {I’ll DIY my own though}

Tooth Fairy Kit. So cute huh! I like this because I want to date when she lost her teeth. Plus, a cute little letter and certificate from the Tooth Fairy is adorable!

HowDoesShe shared a cute idea on how to leave the tooth.

And there ya have it! Our Tooth Fairy tradition! I’m sure I’ll add more or change things over the years, but for now I love it all. :)

Oh the things I wish I knew when Jeremiah was the girls’ age. Alas, with everything new I find, I just start it now….

IF any of you readers have a boy…..this is a cute/not so girly idea!

From here

I think even that barn could be a cute spin for boys!

Happy 3rd Birthday Bri Bri

Today was my little Monkey’s 3rd birthday. I can’t believe she is already 3.


You make my life so bright. Your little attitude makes me laugh every day. I think it is so funny how grown you think you are. My favorite quote from you has been….

“Mommy, you have to be niiice”

Even if I am being nice, but you are not getting your way, that is what you tell me. HaHa.

You are still my little short stack. I haven’t taken you for your 3 yr check up yet, but I can almost bet you are in the 10-20% for your height. You are short my darling! Ha! You can thank Great Grandma Caliste, your name sake, for that. :)

I love you so much baby girl and I couldn’t be more proud or thankful to be your Mommy.

Love you forever,


One Year

One year ago today……{on Feb. 20th is when he prayed}

my one and only boy was baptized!

And what a sweet, loving, caring and helpful young man he is turning into!

Thank you God, for this amazing child. Thank you for picking me to be his Mom. God, show me and guide me to be the Godly mother he needs me to be. To be the mother you created me to be. Continue to help me bring him to You.

I’m Back..Kind Of..

A lot has gone on since the beginning of November, to say the least.

I’ve been struggled spiritually and thought it would be best to take a break for awhile.

This battle is one that I’ve never fought before. It’s much bigger than anything I had imagined. So, it’s been rough these past few months for me on the inside. God’s really been testing me to rely on Him 200%.

I have never been able to just completely, wholeheartedly {that spelling looks funny to me, but I don’t have a red squiggle line, so it must be correct. Ha} rely on Him and Him alone. I’ve always had to have someone else to “tell me” what to do, or just rely on period. It’s never truly been just God. So, that is where I have been.  Trying to become a strong Christian woman who turns to God FIRST. Who prays FIRST, before running to a BFF for advice. Not that that is wrong, but, I never talked to God first, and I mean really told Him first before talking to a friend. I always did it the other way around.

Does any of that make sense? I hope so, because it makes sense in my head. :) Basically, I’m slowly truly understanding what it means to run to God FIRST in all I do. All I do.

Other big changes around here…..I start college on the 15th and I went back to work in December!

I miss my kids so much. So that is really hard for me. I miss the time the girls and I had during the day. I wish I would of savored those precious moments more. I miss being home when Jeremiah walks in and being able to ask him immediately how his day went.

But, I felt it was time for me to get back in the “real world” I’m going to be 30 in May and I feel as though I have not accomplished any of my personal career goals. I’ve wanted my college degree for so long, and I guess turning 30 has just got me thinking about a lot.

The past 12 years {in May…from graduating HS} have just flown by and I don’t feel as though I’ve been productive in my personal goals. I was too worried about partying for a fairly long period of time, and then I desperately wanted to be married and have all that came with marriage, that I just put my goals aside.

Anyway, that is where I am at today. Still a bit lost, but finding my way back.

I’ll go back and update from November and December from last year, but I wont be blogging like crazy as I use to, since my plate is pretty full these days. But this blog/book still means a lot to me for my kids to have, so I am going to start making it a priority again. :)

Happy Sunday Y’all!

“All I Want For Christmas….

are my two front teeth”

As most know, Avery has always had some type of issue with her two front teeth. When she was 2ish, she had to be sedated to have her teeth filled since she had missing enamel. That was one of the worst days of my life. Just watching her go from a hyper child to knocked out cold, was just crazy.

Anyway, well a few months back, she finally let the dentist clean her teeth and we were told that she would start to have an abscess here soon, in the next year for sure. Well, sure enough, she had one.

At our appointment she was a little scared but did great. I held her hand the whole time as she watched Nemo. Our dentist did great, hiding the pretty big needle that he used on her gums. She had no clue what he was doing. The minute he started to pull out one tooth, she went crazy. She could only feel pressure and didn’t know what was going on.

The plan was to pull just one, but as he showed me the x-rays of her mouth, he told me that the other would do the same in about a year as well, so I just said to pull the other and be done with it.

Let me tell you, one of her teeth’s root was looooong! That was pretty crazy to see.

She did really great for the whole thing, even with the freak out…can you blame her?!

Date Night with Avers

To end the 2011 year, Avery and I went on a date to go see the Alvin & The Chipmunks Shipwrecked movie. We went to Studio Movie grill,  ate dinner and had a yummy ice cream brownie for dessert. Delish! She and I had a great time.

Thanks Mom for watch Bri Bri!

Jeremiah also had a blast at his dad & Nicy’s house, ringing in the New Year.

Love you Aver Bug!! Thank you for spending some time alone with Mommy. I treasure these moments with you!

Princess Party

Kaitlyn & Sydney shared their birthday party this year, they were both born towards the end of Dec., to have a Princess Party. The kids had a lot of fun! There was story time, a treasure hunt, and a castle pinata. And let’s not forget about the yummy cake and treats!