Four Year Wedding Anniversary

 As of June 2, 2011, Brandon & I have been married four years! That day, we just stayed at home and shared the day with our children. The following day, the 3rd after our Summer Party, he and I went out on a date to celebrate. 
One of my resolutions this year was to start dating the Hubby. Having 3 kids makes it a bit hard to find the time to actually spend alone time together, much less date. But, I wanted to stop making excuses and start to do something about it. Even a simple movie night, snuggled up together, after the kids are in bed is better than nothing! And now that the kids are in bed by 9, the absolute latest (Jeremiah), we finally have alone time!
I came across this blog a few months back. Cute huh! I’m not one to think up ideas, I can just steal and make them my own. =) 
Well, this year I wanted to have a Our Love is Timeless date. After deciding what options I wanted to do & had time for, I got to work. 
Thursday night, I secretly hid the invitation in Brandon’s work car, so that once he opened the door in the morning, he saw it. 
The following day he went to work and I finished up the details for our date. Once, everyone left our Summer Party, I only had a small amount of time to clean up as best I could and freshen up myself.

One of my ideas, or I should say Dating Divas ideas, was to text Brandon every hour with one reason as to why I loved him or why I was thankful for him and our marriage. Well, I was so busy getting ready for the Summer Party, I totally forgot! I was a little bummed since I had written out what each text would say  and in what order I wanted to text.

So, one of the decorations I had to set out before the party. Krypto had to stay in the kids bathroom during the party and so the only bathroom open was our master bath. I’m sure people who walked into our room and saw our wedding attire on the bed, as well as rose petals, didn’t know to think! HA!

I even felt a little morbid setting them out on the bed. Like I was doing some chant for the bodies to fill the attire up. I know…..morbid thinking!

Anyway, when Hubby came home and saw the decorations on the bed, he thought it was really cute and said it was his favorite. He changed and then we headed out to eat at one of our most favorite Mexican restaurants, Mercado Juarez.

Dinner was lovely. We barely talked about the kids. Which, was nice. We always talk about the kids. It was nice to talk about us, work, life; we are always interrupted when we try and talk.

After, we headed back home to work on our Love Time Capsule.

We played the “Matching Game,” where I had printed out a few pictures of us, glued them to the red cards of a playing deck of cards and wrote the event on another. We placed those back in the time capsule to see next year.

I also found a Love Quiz from this blog. So we read over, answered the questions and thought up some goals for our marriage. We placed that back in so we can review next year as well. There are a few more things we placed in to look back on as well.

We ended our night snuggling and eating ice cream! 

I love you more than words could ever express! Thank you for your love, for being the father that you are, kindness, support, encouragement, selflessness, forgiveness, protection and devotion to our marriage. I am ever more thankful that we placed God at the certain of our marriage and the center of our lives. He alone has changed us, our marriage and our family life. I couldn’t be any more happy than I am now. God gave me the most perfect best friend, husband, and father a woman could ask for!
I look forward to many, many more years of growing and loving each other deeper and deeper. 
Love you Puffin/Schmoopie Pie!!

A BIG thank you to Mimi! You bravely took both our our girls to spend the night. I’m glad that Bri did a lot better than we all expected. =) We love you so much Mom! I don’t know where Brandon & I would do with out you! 

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